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The investment landscape continues to evolve rapidly and in seeking to exploit an expanding universe of investment opportunity, multi-manager teams are increasingly adopting more sophisticated strategies, investing in asset classes that had previously been unavailable or hard to access, and targeting a wider range of investment objectives.

Selecting and monitoring multi-manager solutions now demands clearer definitions of the differences between managers- their strategies, investment scope and methods of execution- using detailed, qualitative based research.

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Whether you are seeking to establish or evaluate existing relationships with multi-manager specialists, or you are a fund group requiring an independent assessment of your own proposition, we can adapt the way we work to meet your specific needs:

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Good due diligence provides proof of process and is an essential part of robust manager selection. Our due diligence is the result of thorough preparation, research and analysis, both onsite and offsite. We examine the asset allocation approach, the investment instruments used and their suitability for executing the investment strategy. We assess the capability of the management team to manage the mandate, the operational support provided by the wider group and the systems used.

For more information, please see our Due Diligence page.

Our monitoring process seeks to regularly assess a funds; risk pattern, underlying fund holdings, asset allocation and performance, against what we would expect to see given the funds own investment mandate, peer group and the results of our prior due diligence. Manager capacity levels, team changes and company issues are all monitored, with regular onsite visits and manager calls helping to ensure that any anomalies or warning signals are followed up with the manager and that the results are communicated to clients.

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Our specialist research focus provides us with unique insight into the multi-manager unfettered funds market place. Whilst preserving the integrity of our independence is of paramount importance to us, the depth of relationships that this still enables us to have with multi-manager fund groups makes us ideally placed to cater for a wide range of consultancy needs.

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Coming later in 2011

We will be launching a web-based Qualitative Reports and Ratings Service on individual multi-manager funds.