Our Core Beliefs


As in all walks of life, depth of understanding is enhanced by specialisation:

Our sole focus is on researching and analysing multi-asset - giving us a high level of expertise and insight into this increasingly important segment of the market.


A professional analyst should be totally independent from fund manager influence:

Unlike some research business models, fund managers do not pay us to publish reports on their funds.

Research should Empower its Users

Research should be empowering - helping users to form their own conclusions on how best to satisfy their clients� investment requirements.

Our research is structured to allow investment professionals to make comparisons between funds based upon their own chosen criterion - enabling them to identify the most appropriate managers, funds and investment solutions for clients with different attitudes toward risk, asset class exposure and potential return.


By being dedicated solely to fund research - without distraction � a research business can deliver a better, more focused service to its clients:

We will not risk compromising the integrity of our research by offering other services - such as portfolio management.